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About us / History & Philosophy

• Creative Glass AG, founded by Michael H. Sowersby in 1977, in Zurich / Switzerland
• Initial activities: stained glass production studio, teaching classes to hobbyists and wholesale/retail
• New direction in the early eighties (influenced by American studio glass movement) into kiln forming
• Organization of seminars introducing various artists from overseas
• Close contact with artists and manufacturers for development of new products
• Finding solutions to technical problems for glass workers
• Wholesale business for glass, tools and equipment to the new European glass studios and    schools

• 1983 Start of Kiln Working
• 1992 Founding of The Creative Glass School, Switzerland
• 1995 Set up of wholesale outlet Creative Glass / Austria
• 1997 Set up of Creative Ceramics, Hungary, production of Slumping moulds
• 1999 Set up of wholesale outlet Creative Glass / England
• 1999 Extension of The Creative Glass School with a glass blowing facility

Major Product Lines
• Kilns for fusing & slumping, casting for the studio and production
• Equipment for glass blowing, flame working and cold working
• Flat glass, powders, frits, cullet for kiln working & blowing
• Hand tools and general supplies

Schools and Teaching Facilities Equipped by Creative Glass
The Creative Glass School / Switzerland Kiln working, flame working & hot shop
Creative Glass Studio, Austria & England Kiln working & flame working
Glasfachschule Kramsach / Austria Kiln working & cold working
M-Art Glass Studio / Switzerland Teaching concept and supply of complete kiln working and cold working studio
Kurszentrum Ballenberg / Switzerland Supply of complete kiln working studio
Glass Studio Isabelle Périgot / Paris Construction and installation of glass blowing and cold working studio
Var. Colleges & Universities in England Extension and/or first installation of cold working studio (Richmond College, Northlands , The Surrey Institute, Swansea Institute and others)

Some of the Teachers at The Creative Glass School over the Years were:
Naricssus Quagliata / USA
Judith Conway / USA
Giles Bettison / AUS
Julie Denton / IOM
Alicia Lomné / USA
Matthew Curtis / AUS
Linda Ethier / USA
Charissa Brock / USA
Warren Langley / AUS
Stefanie Sersich / USA
Helen Stokes / AUS
Emma Varga / AUS
Catharine Newell / USA
Larry Scott / USA
Richard LaLonde / USA
Tessa Clegg / UK
Diana East / UK
Kristina Logan / USA
Kate Fowell / USA
Roger Thomas / USA